How to get to Pedasí, Panama

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 Pedasí is a popular fishing town located in the Peninsula de Azuero, near the Pacific Coast, five hours away from Panama City. Very popular among tourists, Pedasí is home for many tourists and retirees looking for a beautiful place to settle down. It is home to beautiful beaches such as Santa Catalina and Playa Venao, two of the most popular surf sites in Panama. Pedasí is also home for many foreign businesses such as hotels, hostals, surf schools, scuba diving, among others, mostly Americans. Isla Iguana is a wildlife refuge island located 20 minutes away in boat from Pedasí.

How to get to Pedasi


As mentioned before Pedasí is located at the Peninsula de Azuero, in Los Santos. To get there from Panama City, you can either take a bus, or drive. Buses can be taken at Albrook Terminal. If you prefer driving, you should take the Carretera Interamericana taking either

Puente de las America or the Centenario Bridge. About three hours from the city, you will reach a point called Divisa. Here you can either follow straight and continue to

Santiago or take your left to continue to Chitré and Las Tablas. You should take your left. After this, you will need to keep straight until you reach Pedasí, about twenty minutes after Las Tablas. Click here for more detailed directions to pedasí.

Where to Stay in Pedasí

Pedasí has very popular and well-reviewed places to stay at. Bed and Breakfasts and Inns are more popular due to the type of people visiting town, looking for a beautiful and ecologic experience rather than luxurious lodging. The town is perfect for walking around, shopping local souvenirs, riding bike and visiting the different beaches.

According to, Casa Margarita is ranked at #1 B&B among visitors. Owners are Americans and provide a wonderful and welcoming experience at this beautiful place. Casa Margarita has an excellent personalized guest service, assuring you will get treated as home. It is located in Pedasí´s main street and room rates range from $79 to $129 per room. For reservations, you can call +507 995-2898.

 Casa de Campo Pedasí, #2 B&B in Pedasí, is a beautiful villa-type bed breakfast surrounded by a beautiful garden view. With spacious rooms, air conditioner, pool and a very welcoming stay, Casa de Campo is a very good choice for your trip to Pedasí.  It is located in Central Avenue, in the middle of town. Room rates range from $75 to $125 per room. For reservations, call +5076780-5280.

Hotel Villa Romana, is a top destination for people seeking a more confortable and luxurious environment. Located in front of the sea, in Los Destiladeros, Pedasí, room views are amazing guaranteeing a wonderful stay. It is located about 20 minutes from Pedasí. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and features a restaurant in front of the sea. Room rates range from $100 to $200 per night. You can find more information at

Finally, a personal favorite is El Sitio at Playa Venao. Playa Venao is located 20 minutes away from Pedasí. Playa Venao is a beautiful beach, very popular among surfers, visiting all year for fantastic waves. Rooms are personalized and different, all featuring a very traditional architecture based on wood and beach decorations, with air conditioner, cable TV and a beautiful view of the ocean. The food is delicious, with a fantastic restaurant offering three meals and cocktails all day long. Second-floor cabins have beautiful balconies with bungalows for a perfect getaway in front of the beach. The hotel also features a small shop for beach and surf utilities, surf classes, horse walks and trips to Isla Iguana for whale-watching season (from June to October). Room rates range from $70 to $180. For more information, you can visit

Things to do in Pedasí

As mentioned before, Pedasí is very popular for surfers and scuba divers. You can find surf schools and scuba diving courses in the main town. Pedasí also holds many delicious restaurants with traditional food from Panamá, beautiful souvenir shops, whale watching trips to Isla Iguana, bike rentals and beautiful beaches to visit. Pedasí is also popular among retirees for real estate investments, with beautiful land at very affordable prices. You can visit for more information on land and property on Pedasí for very affordable prices vs. other beaches in the region.

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